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Harshal is an award winning engineer currently working in Silicon Valley. He is fascinated by mechanics and humans and loves to discuss both at length over beer. If you are interested in technology, travel, robots, or mentorship about surviving in the Silicon Valley, get in touch with H.

Erica (aka ME!) is an award winning photographer & Occupational Therapy assistant who utilizes her unique skill sets to capture beautiful, authentic moments. With over a decade in the creative field, she has the capacity and vision to bring your dream to fruition. Some examples include

  • getting the whole family together for updated family pictures
  • headshots for the office staff
  • state of the art pictures for a realty listing
  • high concept fashion shoots for your Instagram profile
  • product photography
  • infant photography

whatever your dream, I can help you get to where you want to go. contact me with a description of your proposed project or photography needs.

Contact us here!

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