The Introverted, Extroverted, and just plain Verted, Nomad: Erica


Mostly I felt very silly for having written such a cute bio on my little sister; (although she is totally worthy of a cute write-up!! Evidence: ) because I looked back through my blog posts and realized that I never fully introduced myself.


I have a tendency to do that; to sit back and observe my environment for a while, really get the lay of the land before I put my hat in the metaphorical ring. I say that I’m introverted but sometimes I absolutely crave hours of deep conversation and daily light engaging banter. I think I just shy away from being in front of the lens because my mind constantly seeks to be in narrator/intake/output mode.

I would rather observe my environment, participate at my whimsical will without pressure, then have my choices and entire life story on display. Something about outside attention makes me have to juggle another mental piece that doesn’t exist when I’m suntanning on a rock mid hike in the sun strewn Santa Cruz mountains.


So my compromise/collaboration between my fiercely private aspect and my ambitious and friendly aspect is this continually curated bio that manages to somehow sum up the chaotic lil spiral I’ve been spinning since I landed on this adorable little planet. The only wrinkle is that I’m not feeling much more public than this intro right now so you will have to wait for part two to learn more ❤

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