august of 2016.

I was sitting peacefully next to a confluent river that still echoed with the vivid, rumbling narration of Matthew Perry; listening to the rhythms of the Water merge with the sounds of Bon Iver playing their new album; 22 A Million, at the Eaux Claires festival in Eau Claire, WI.

It was a weirdly wild night, Justin Vernon had just interrupted the highly anticipated debut show to insist that medics respond to a hurt festival go-er down in the teeming mass of apologetic & positive midwestern hip(psters)ies.

I felt detached from the moment, watching from my deliberately solitary perch, hundreds of yards from the unfolding scene. It felt like a pantomime of human existence backlit by lightbulbs & glistening in the heat of heavy attention.

“He needs help man.”

Vernon barked with a tone designed to accelerate but not berate, then closed his eyes and sent out a slow breath that was emphasized by the microphone. the muffled susurration of a man who wore the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) mantle of the festival echoed and washed over the receptive crowd; the sharp moment soothing into a softer one as he spoke.

“everybody okay out there?”

june of 2018

I listen to 33 “GOD” in silicon valley, california. spending my days in bright, green hushed daylight. capturing 30 FPS 4K Slo Mo videos of feeding hummingbirds and reading books about chronosociology. it’s a weirdly wild feeling. the bay area feels confluent in the same vein as sitting bankside along the Chippewa river in Wisconsin.

I feel connected to the moment. Watching from my deliberately central viewpoint, inches from the chirping maniacs that comprise the hummingbird spectrum. It feels like a reassurance of human existence, backlit by nature and shimmering with the veil of possibilities.

I purse my tongue behind my front teeth and suck back sharply to throw out a high pitched chirp that was amplified by the concrete condo walls. a chittering gush of a girl who wears the imaginary (and sometimes luminary) mantle of her current chronosphere bounces and echoes to the cheeping charm, waking the peaceful moment into a wild one.

everybody okay out there?

Song: 33 God by Bon Iver

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