Patio Friends: Meet the Gang

A beautiful side effect of spending my days at home on the patio editing pictures & writing, is that I’ve gotten very familiar with the local wildlife!

Right now I mostly spend time with two squirrels who either hate or love each other very much because they’re always fighting. I can only show you pictures of Rikki because he’s a little more camera friendly than Tikki


This picture of Rikki was taken in the middle of a vicious screaming match with Tikki (who has yet to be photographed) 

There are a few birds in the area, but mostly just very temperamental crows yelling at 4am, and ducks who’ve taken the community pool hostage to raise a set of ducklings. ( I didn’t have my tripod so these photos are verrrrry bokeh)

As cute as the ducklings are, and as angry as the crows continue to be, I was still missing some wildness around the area. Then, three days ago I was pleasantly surprised to be startled by a familiar hum & caught a glimpse of a tiny little thing flitting out of sight.

For some reason the sight of a hummingbird nearby galvanized me to complete my patio decorating process. I immediately researched how to feed hummingbirds & made some nectar to hang out for the birdies. Recipe is: 1 part water to 4 parts pure cane sugar, boil, and voila. Then I went to a garden store & bought out their hummingbird friendly pollinating flowers.

The same day a little ruby throated hummingbird approached the patio for a few seconds before flying off again and I felt validation!

Cut to present day and I am a happy camper with frequent hummingbird visits. So far I have seen two at a time but know that there is at least three hummingbird around the area. One is multi colored & ruby throated but I don’t have a picture reference for him.

The other two are petite & dull colored. This little one perched helpfully for a few moments before taking off.


If anyone knows which kind of hummingbird this little beauty is, please let me know! My best guess is Anna’s Hummingbird. ❤


I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the Patio Gang as much as I have! They have been so instrumental in helping me learn lighting, angles, timing, colors, & patience. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a lot more of these little guys.

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