Business Profile: Graceful Bay Baking

Earlier this spring I was able to fly back to Wisconsin and check off a lot of long distance wishes.

I got to:

A. Visit my lil baby nephews! Sneak Peek of their photoshoot here:

B. Visit with every single member of my family, even though they were scattered all over Wisconsin

C. Take pictures for two businesses (Graceful Bay Baking, Timber Baron Inn) run by my amazing little sister, Anna Grace Barningham & her family. *photoshoot posts pending

Anna is one of my best friends, from childhood to present day. I meant for this just to be a sneak peek of her baking company photoshoot but now I’ve been browsing through too many nostalgic photos to not give you a thorough rundown of my little sister.

Anna Grace Barningham

Proof that she has always loved cake!

Anna is the fifth Vik child out of seven.

Vik Family

She’s two years younger than me and it’s been really incredible to watch over the years how she has grown and developed into such a sweet, consideration & grounded person. I’m so grateful that I have been able to explore life with such an amazing sister.

One of the things I love the most about having Anna around is having a model almost 24/7 (labors laws obvs) for photoshoots. She is very used to me telling her to stop here or pose there so I can get just the right picture!




After graduating high school Anna took online courses at WITC and worked as a barista in  Washburn & Ashland, WI. She keep baking and increasing her skills with icing, decoration, cake styles & flavor profiles. Then she met David Barningham and fell in love.


David & Anna are a beautifully matched couple with nothing but love & dedication towards each other and each other’s interests. David even turned Anna into a baseball fan!  Pretty soon they got engaged.


During their engagement, David’s parents partnered with David & Anna to construct a gorgeous bed and breakfast in the Northwoods of Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 6.10.20 PM

( )


The construction wasn’t finished by the time Anna & David decided to get married, but they had their wedding in the great room of the bed & breakfast anyways. It was a small, short & sweet affair consisting of immediate family.

23405717_10209870091900348_6191362104175336632_o (1)

Anna & David are the current innkeepers at the Timber Baron Inn & enjoy hosting a variety of guests from all across the world.

David works as a lumberjack (something very central to the meaning of the Timber Baron Inn, as David’s family hails back to the original lumberjacks who settled Bayfield) and Anna works as a barista during the off-season.

This is a lot of wind-up for just a small sneak peek, but this is my website so I get to make the rules. Anna whipped up a couple cakes & cookies for me to photograph while I was visiting. Right now I’m having so much fun editing her gorgeous creations, but I am getting so hungry! Luckily if you live in the North Woods you can sample this goodness for yourself by stopping by the Timber Baron Inn and asking for Anna ❤


You can find Anna’s baking creations on Instagram @gracefulbay_baking


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