Little Ones at the Lights

Even though I love traveling and adventure with all of my heart, it can be difficult to be away from family, especially when you have adorable nieces & nephews.

Cailin (AKA Suki) is four (and a half!) and one of the best big sisters I’ve ever seen to her three year old brother Jase (AKA Buddy). It will never cease to amaze me how fast they grow up when I’m not looking.

Last December I was able to take H home to meet the family. Cailin & Jase fell in love with H just as quickly as I did and we had a great night taking them to the Rotary Light Festival in downtown Lacrosse, WI. It was a lot of work keeping up with these energetic little rascals!

I loved putting together this little mock music video featuring the two little ones because of how beautifully it captured their happy and joyful approach to life. Every time I hang out with them I’m reminded of what it is to view life with a sense of childlike wonder and excitement.

I love the moment at 0:38 where Cailin turns to make sure her little buddy is keeping up. Even though they fight from time to time, she is his fiercest protector and biggest fan. 


Quick note: These shots & videos were all taken with an Iphone X. That phone can do almost anything but low lighting situations are it’s Achilles Heel. I generally don’t see red eye issues or blurriness with the Iphone X unless it’s in a low light situation.

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