Smoke & Air – URTB Mix

I’ve always been the type of person to get distracted by tiny moments.

Moments when little movements synchronize with the world in ways that you can’t fully appreciate until you stop and lean into the moment.

Moments when you feel like you’ve glimpsed something secret and sacred in the rhythms of the world.

Leaves blowing across an empty highway. Crisp little tumbleweeds in gorgeous fall colors.

Snow drifting across a tundra, tiny flakes whirling and twisting from end to end in an icy wind.

Waves lapping against the shore in quiet susurrations that will never end, beautiful and immutable.

And even beyond nature I’m continually fascinated with tiny moments like this one.

Baby Smoke
Incense smoke captured by Lumix Fz2500 Macro

I was sitting in my office working on the Super Blue Blood Moon photos.

H calls this my “Zen Room”

Since music is as necessary as air for my creativity I was listening to one of my all time favorite bands, Until the Ribbon Breaks, when I noticed the mesmerizing effect of the lavender incense smoke as it drifted up past the backlighting from my lamp.
Baby Smoke

Pretty soon I had my tripod & camera out and went to town. In filming the smoke I found that I could manipulate the smoke patterns with gestures and the resulting air movements.

Anything that combines little moments and music is right up my alley and I spent a decent amount of time messing around with ways to synchronize the smoke to music.

Without further ado:

It took me way longer to edit my Super Blue Blood Moon photos then anticipated, but that’s a casualty I was more than happy to sustain in lieu of chasing the little moments ❤

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