Serendipity ❤️

Serendipity is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. One of my favorite stories about our relationship starts with our first date and it is very serendipitous.
H drove all the way up from San Jose to Napa during rush hour traffic for our first date. Being a nature addict I took him hiking because it’s a horrible idea for a first date (lots of sweat & out of breath conversation woohoo!). Because he’s a trooper we had an amazing day and I realized I kinda liked this quirky dude.
I almost walked into this tree because I’m talented like that
Napa Hills
Napa foothills
View towards the Bay from Napa
While we were hiking I randomly brought up an article I had just read, a short blip in the conversational radar really, about cities using blue street lights to increase sustainability & improve the mental health of their residents.
When I told H about the article his eyes lit up and he told me that he works in that exact city from time to time. How freaking cool. That was the end of our conversation about the blue lights, but  a short while later H travelled to Eindhoven, NL and sent me a snapshot of his office. It was right by a strip of blue lights!
It was surreal to read an article, mention the lights in passing, and just a few days later get see them “in real life.”
Fast forward to Thanksgiving break. I went with H to Europe and got to see the blue lights in real, real life!! We completed a crazy road trip: 11 countries in 10 days! I saw some truly beautiful things but for sentimental reasons alone, the Blue Lights were my highlight.
Here is a very short timelapse of these pretty babes
It was surreal to see them in person, less than two months after I had mentioned them  to H. And it WAS relaxing to drive under that quiet sea of blue instead of the harsh burn of the bright orange streetlights.
Serendipity…times three ❤


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