I fell in love in Strasbourg…

…with the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg ❤

Backing up to explain this love affair, lets start with Strasbourg itself.  Here is a timelapse of our intro to the street of Strasbourg.

In a couple words? Gorgeous. Petite. Charming. All applicable to Strasbourg.

Christmas Market
Holiday Decorations for Christmas Market

Vintage Strasbourg shops and hotels line the tiny streets next to the Strasbourg Cathedral, blocking the view until you pass the simple cobblestone street leading to the Cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Harshal in front of the Cathedral


Perspective changes to adapt to the sheer size of the Cathedral, popping out of seemingly nowhere.

The Cathedral is immense and became an immediate landmark in our navigation of Strasbourg. The tourist photos give you an idea of what to expect but don’t even begin to prepare you for the real thing.

NC Cathedral
The Cathedral seems to change shape as you walk around it
Strasbourg Cathedral
ND Cathedral
Strasbourg Cathedral

If you’re lucky you can park in the underground garage across the street and then approach the Cathedral on foot. Amazing restaurants and patisseries will tempt you away from the destination but if you persist you might double your luck and be blessed with another beautiful sight.

Unknown MusicianUnknown Musician

A beautifully trained cellist performing in front of the cathedral. The breath taking and tear inducing music ethereally bouncing, swelling, and echoing off the curved and carved cathedral walls.

ND Cathedral

While listening to the beautiful music I saw tiny specks of people up on the roof and desperately wanted know how I could get up there as well.
As it turns out there you can tour the towers (catchphrase!) for a small fee.

A kickass tour and workout? Sold.

The tour turns out to be self guided, which in my mind is even better. I love to have time to stop and examine the random bits of graffiti and examine the myriad of closed and bolted doors.

My brain was working overtime, imagining historical figures creating and then inhabiting this huge space. My curiosity is begging to see the rest, but as of right now only a fraction of the Cathedral is open to the general public.

The Cathedral is home to one of the more ancient and elegant forms of graffiti; chiseled names in the stones and on the walls of the Cathedral itself.


On the rooftop of the Cathedral there are more carved names than blank spaces.

Now I wished I had a tour guide who could explain the history behind the names.

Some were simple inscriptions of a single name while others were peppered with military and  religious titles.

I also wished I had my tripod with me as it turns out to be impossible to hold still for a timelapse on a windy exposed rooftop.

Notre Dame Cathedral
The smallest of the carved columns fit in the palm of my hand! The construction of this cathedral is truly amazing.

All in all, it was an amazing experience and I was sad when the time came to descend the steps and leave my love ❤

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